The Clap is not just another name for Gonorrhea

Stella has learned to clap her hands together just like after the ballet ends or whenever old people turn off lights.

Not sure why people clap after the ballet, though. All these men running around with bulges in their pants while the audience compares package sizes to see who’s the biggest when finally the god forsaken thing ends and everyone claps; even though it sucked eggs. Wow, the swan swims in the lake and dies. Good story. not.

That’s what Stella does, clap, but she’s not at the ballet. Her bedtime is 6:30ish and the ballet doesn’t start until much, much later.

But I’ll tell you, it really feels great to have someone clapping for you; especially when the clapper has chubby little hands and gets so excited clapping she falls over giggling. Oh silly clapping baby, how I love thee.

There’s going to be a new rule in our house. Whenever someone enters the room everyone has to clap for them; even if they’re a loser we all hate.

Stella, mid-clap.


first-timer said…
I don't think she's clapping; I think she's describing the bulging ballerinas.
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, Stella, Xavier, Anna, George, Bella & Roxy!

Thanks for giving me the best mug EVER, ever, ever, ever!!!

-Aunt Kate

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