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First Christmas

The Clap is not just another name for Gonorrhea


Today, we are all Pilgrams and not Native Americans 'cause they lost.

Super Model. You Better Work!

stupid people wear glasses to look like smart people that don't wear glasses

Six diseases that the flu shot won't do anything about because the government is stupid.

Yes we can!

This is what we do to our kids for fun.

That's not a Toy.

Sassy!...6 months old already.

For only one dollar a month, you can feed a whole family of skinny people.

No one saw this coming.

Things can't get any worse

Houses have windows, but some don't have porches.

Rain comes from water.

I Eat Blue Teddy Bears. They taste like tofu chicken.

I'll get something posted soon....geez

Yummers, tastes like something that doesn't taste that good..