That's not a Toy.

It’s been too long since my last post but I’m not sorry, so there! We’ve been concentrating on the porch remodeling project so all my mental energy is focused on railings and balusters. You can check things out here:

My second cousin (meaning my cousin’s daughter) got married this weekend so my family was in town. Anna and I got a night out without the kids while some people we like watched them.

I totally forgot all my Greek dance steps by the way. I’m an embarrassment to my people. I’m over it. I just lit some cheese on fire.

We were too tired to wake up for the kids at 7:00am Sunday morning so Anna shut off the baby monitor and we pretended like they didn’t exist until about 8:30am. Anna got up first.

A few minutes later she calls me into the room and points at something in Xavier’s crib and is all like, “What is that?” “Hmm, I don’t know?” We both leaned over the crib and stared at it. “Did he throw up?” “Is it a toy?”

Nope, it was a piece of poo. Yep, you heard that right. It was a piece of poo.

Xavier was sleeping next to a big piece of poo. This can happen. It’s totally normal. I don’t feel bad about our ability to parent because kids sleep next to pieces of poo all the time.

Using my brain on full power I concluded that the lowest button on his sleeper was not snapped and the left strap on his diaper came undone. He got tired of sleeping with poo in his diaper so he took it out and went back to bed.

We learned our lesson. Xavier can empty his own diaper so we don’t have to get up early for him.

Two gold stars for the parents. Scratch that, four gold stars for the parents. We really over achieved.

Uncle Nick and Xavier. They both enjoy toys with flashing lights.

Stella and Xavier playing. We got this jumper thing and they both love it. We feel this need to buy two of everything but goodness sakes people our house would be one big pile of toys.
...and yes, there is drool dripping off both their mouths. They're babies!!!


nicole said…
he'll be potty trained before he walks! nice work!
Kerry Lynn said…
That's pretty impressive. He is super advanced.

My son can poop in the tub but I don't think that compares.
Anonymous said…
Confession time: the poo was planted there by Rekha. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted that is what child psychiatrists do.

You passed her test!

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