Sassy!...6 months old already.

Here's some videos of this swing thingy Anna's mom got for the kids. It says, "Sassy" across the front. Sassy!

Xavier is a very rambunctious little boy. I'm thinking about putting Ritalin in his mashed up sweet potatoes.

Stella is more interested in Bella and Roxie then hanging from a French door frame. She's been teething lately and wakes up every night screaming. This is how she tortures us for leaving her in sassy swing while we do shots of Vodka.

In the background of Stella’s video you can hear a Polish kid song playing on the stereo. I’m not sure exactly what they’re saying but I bet its something about not having to stand in bread lines ever since communism fell.


Kelly Hutcheson said…
What are all the cages for in your house? Do I need to be concerned for their safety? Are you involved in illegal activity of farming animals inside your house? Your wife DOES call you "Animal". Hmmm. There's more to this story at 11.
An Urban Story said…
Ha! Those are a lot of cages. One is for Roxie and the other one is for the kids. Its a play area. :-)

My wife puts me in Roxie's cage when I'm bad.

-george (animal)

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