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Things are so boring like people telling you about their dreams

Omg whores, I have finally hit the wall and I am so bored. I was so motivated when we went on lock down in February here in NYC. Now almost 7 months later I have cleaned, de-cluttered, re-decorated and finished my MBA. Now, I am bored.  I plan to update a few more things around the house to keep busy.But, I was so looking forward to the kids going back to school. Now they will only be in the classroom for 2 days a week which means the rest of the time we have to parent them or ignore them.I am going to ignore them.Also, the kid's social studies teacher was caught on video saying racist things to BLM protesters so now she's under investigation. I mean, that is bad and all but at least it is some drama I can gossip about. How in 2020 do we still have so many racist people?  Here is a picture of the kids. It always bugs me when people post endless pictures of their kids on social media....No one cares. But this picture gives me some reference so when I read this in 20 years I ca…

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