My car problems are like all the people dying from covid

 For the last few week my car has been having this issue with the alarm going off randomly. I had it a one Honda dealer for 2 weeks and then they stopped responding to my messages so I showed up and took the car back.  I showed up at the dealer at 6 am (it is a 24hr dealer because this is nyc) and the guy was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you that I showed up unannounced. 

I told the service person "you have not returned any messages for an update in 5 days. I want this car ready in 15 min so I can take it home." Then this service lady behind him said "fuck you man" to me! I rolled my eye so hard by head almost fell off. 

Then I took the car to a second dealer like 30 minutes from our house. 

This is my car at the second Honda dealer. The lady in the cape is a retired little red riding hood actor from the 80s.

I have a rental car now and it smells like someone chain smoked in it.  I want everyone to know who is suffering through covid19 and deaths or being ugly is that I feel your pain. My car being in the shop is one of the most difficult things I ever had to deal with in my entire adult childhood life.


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