I drove over a small child

I came home the other day after helping out the poor and I had to back into the driveway to put some things away. We are the only house on our side of the street with a front driveway. There was a guy parked with his bumper a few centimeters into our driveway unloading something from his car. As I backed up, he walked behind the car and over to an apartment across the street. 

I had a rental (see other post about car problems). As I backed into the driveway I ran over something. The same guy from the previous paragraph runs out of his apartment from across the street because he doesn't have money to buy a house and starts yelling "stop stop".  I open my side door and see I ran over something and I reverse over it again because I panicked then I pull forward then I stop but then I pull forward more because I was still driving over something. Ok, that about did it. 

Said person takes some bag and removes the contents and it ends up being multiple pairs of shoes and a CD (wtf and CD?). 

He's like," you ran over my things!! Didn't you see them". I'm like "I'm really sorry I didn't . But at least it was not a small child". 

Artist's representation of what happened.

Oh, it was not a small child that was click bait.

But , I finally had to say "you emptied your stuff in front of my driveway." I felt really bad about this. Then an older woman (maybe his mom) and a young woman (maybe his girlfriend/wife) came out and all were asking "didn't you see the bags?" "The bags under your eyes". I didn't say that.  Argh. I felt horrible.

Then the mom said "we were going to return those". Then I said, "you should still try to return them. I return everything". I didn't feel like any of my comments were helpful.

Everyone calmed down and went home crying.

But, I finally got my car back yesterday. It has been one month since I saw my car, It reminds me of when parents sent their kids to another country during a war, never to see them again.  


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