Happy Lunar New Year and Valentines Day

 I keep saying I'm going update on here more often but I've been really unmotivated because I hate my fans. Since I have been spending more time indoors I've gotten so bored of the house. I keep decluttering and then painting rooms and then redecorating them. I'm so amazing. I want to declutter so much the house will one day be nothing but white walls. Then I'll paint the floor white and only have white furniture and white plates and white clothes. This is a good plan.

Here in NYC the schools will be starting 5 days a week in another week. I give them about 2 days until they shut down again. I've been re-deployed with vaccine distribution at work and that has been going well.  

We were able to go skiing one day, ice skating another day and drive an hour into Long Island to go to Yoga classes since the in person classes here are closed.

I hardly take anymore pictures of the kids because they are becoming teenagers and hide in there rooms and also because I'm bored with them. I suppose they will be sexually active soon. I need some new children . 

Oh, and the nanny we have had forever started dental school so now we have to learn to take care of the kids on our own.  It is very difficult. They need food and other things. My plan is to buy 90 lunch-ables a month and that is all their meals. 

Being a nanny to your own children is very exhausting!

I wish I could go back to being the parent. 

This is what the little cost centers looked like during the summer.


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