I Eat Blue Teddy Bears. They taste like tofu chicken.

We try so many times to get a good picture of the kids together but one of them always comes out looking weird and I only want cute pictures damn it. Nobody is going to buy my reality show with weird looking kids.

These pictures are from the other morning. I guess we didn't have the sense to take off their bibs. Sometimes after breakfast Anna doesn't take off my bib. She says I'll spit up on my hairy chest at it'll get all crusty. Are hairy chests ever coming back in style?

Everything started off just peachy.

Then things headed south.

Stella is NOT getting my blue teddy bear. HELL NO.

Stella wins.

Poor Xavier.
FYI, he works this look all the time. Don't feel bad for him. He causes enough trouble himself.

He's OKAY!


Kerry Lynn said…
EDIBLE!! Those are some seriously cute babies
An Urban Story said…
Thank you! ...I can't take any credit though. :-)

Anonymous said…
Those are the cutest babies in the history of babies. When do I get to babysit again????????

-Auntie Kate

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