Houses have windows, but some don't have porches.

We’ve been busy with home improvement projects lately so the kids have been neglected. They’ll recover; kids are tough. I forgot their names already.

Our basement had some water damage following the residual rain from that hurricane that destroyed Texas. Before it flooded, the room had a laminate wood floor, which was fine, but it looked cheap. If there’s one thing I hate its cheap hookers and people with attitudes and then laminate flooring.

So, we found some tile that looks like wood. Yep, we’re replacing a laminate floor that looks like wood with tile that looks like wood. What can I say, we like wood but not in the basement.

Also, the front porch is about a few years away from falling off the house so it’s getting replaced in a couple weeks. The steps are so unstable we once had this old mailman refuse to climb the stairs to put the mail in the mailbox.

He would just throw the mail on to the porch from the sidewalk. Anna complained like a person that is really pissed off and he never talked to us again. We haven’t seen him for about a year. He’s in mailman heaven.

This house of ours has gone from one home improvement project to the next for the entire four years we’ve lived here.

When we didn’t have water during a four day stretch after the water main broke, I remember thinking, “this is what it must be like to live as a political refugee.” So I got online and did some research and sure enough, many refugee camps didn’t have running water either.


Kelly Hutcheson said…
YOu're hilarious!

You've been fined again for writing a post with no pictures nor mention of the kids!


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