This is what we do to our kids for fun.

The kids celebrated death and decay this weekend with their first Halloween! In commemoration of this event we did what all parents do nowadays and dressed our babies in store bought, cute, fluffy costumes. Anna’s mom actually bought them.

Xavier was a bee and Stella was Piglet. Since the kids still can’t walk, and Anna and I didn’t feel like rolling them around all night in a stroller, we hung out on the porch and handed out candy.

Halloween is my all time favorite religious holiday. I was a little bummed this year that I didn’t get to dress up like a hooker or serial murderer and run all over the city acting like an ass; which was the case in previous years. But hey, kids change things.

Xavier soon became a cranky bee so we left a bowl of candy on the porch while we changed the kids out of their costumes and put them to bed.

When I got back to the porch the bowl was empty. We must have had hundreds of kids come by in that last 15 minutes because I know there was like 500 pieces of candy in that bowl.

Happy Halloween!
I hope no one finds any razor blades.


Kerry Lynn said…
That is the cutest bee and piglet I've ever seen, but only cause I've never dressed up my kids as a bee or piglet. ;-)

Maybe next year when the kids are walking you can all dress up like hookers! That would be awesome! What a great family tradition.
Anonymous said…
LOVE!!!!!! That is the cutest picture ever! When do I get to babysit again????

Scarlet O'Kara said…
Love that photo! What little hams those two are growing into...
Michelle Cooper said…
Very cute! Maybe instead of hookers, you can all dress up as Madonna!!! Each person gets a different look of hers... that was one of my favorite costumes to see someone else in ever.

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