Movies of the Year that you can't see at the movie theater where tickets are expensive

Watch these videos you people. They are better than Cats. I want to see them again and again.

Stella does this dance thing to music. Her rhythm is a little off but we’ll let that go due to her age.

Xavier can stand holding onto the crib. Apparently he finds this really exciting like when you find a nickel on the ground. He can walk all the way around the play area but in this video he stretches out his groin muscles instead.

We started going through old videos and decided to post this one to show how much they have changed. Stella and Xavier must be about 2 months old. I can't remember really. They look weird in a cute way not a Joan Rivers' face lift way.


LOVE the videos! Thanks for posting them :)
Anonymous said…
so freakin cute!!

so the last video where xavier holds stella's arm.....very cute! and him spitting up at the end....a funny unexpected bonus!


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