Pictures that a camera took

I know I am so pathetic getting this stupid thing updated. Here are some pictures. You can just deal with it.

Stella and Xavier started to brush their own teeth. They aren't very good at it. They are more interested in playing with their toothbrushes under the water.

Oh yes, brushing our teeth is so fun. Notice the potty training toilet in the background. That isn't going so well.

Stella at the Greek festival. Daddy is scared of all the gold Jesuses inside Greek churches so the parking lot is about as close as they get.

My little blonde, Polish boy at the Greek festival. The first thing he noticed was the kid's area and the legos. He pointed at them and said in Polish "go there" old Greek lady overheard him and slapped me.

We're a 15 minutes walk from the beach. We take the kids in the morning to wear them out. A fat old man next to us had on a speedo with one testicle hanging out. I did not get a picture. I should have.

I know east coast family, these aren't big waves but it's still nice. Stop being such snobs!! ( ...and pronounce your R's) :-)

'Fifi' is so cute and the best behaved kid we have.

I posted this picture to show that I don't have a bald spot and that my gray hair has not reached the back of my head...yet.


Fina said…
When I was little, I would have nightmares about the Jesus icons in the Greek church! His eyes follow you everywhere... spooky.
An Urban Story said…
Ha! My mom would point up at the Jesus on the ceiling and be like, "He's watching you so you better behave."

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