It's a New Year After all

Here we are, another day another year. One day it’s the year 2010 and the next day the computer says it’s 2011. Remember when those people thought the world would end in 2000? Those people were dumb.

For our New Year’s resolution we got a babysitter from the internet (a white person) to watch the twins every other Sunday for three hours. We used that website to find her, not Craigslist. Craigslist can be really dicey. You answer an ad for a nude housekeeper and a prostitute shows up. Never again! She didn’t even “do” windows.

We had the babysitter come over last Sunday for the first time and it was a joy to the world. In that time, Anna and I stuck ‘Fifi’ in her stroller and met some friends and their baby for half-off sushi.

I’m not sure if other cities have this but in Chicago half-off sushi before the dinner rush is pretty popular. I bet it’s to get rid of all the extra uneaten dog meat before the weekend is over. Ha, ha , I know..I know, sushi is Japanese and Chinese people eat dogs.

When we came back from dinner, the kids were having a great time with the Babysitter. She’s a college student who goes to class and stuff. I thought I was only a few years older than her until I realized I graduated from college 17 years ago.

That’s not officially old and besides I do a lot of core exercises so my abs look good and it helps with my upper body strength. I’ve always wanted to push-up into a hand stand instead of kicking-up so I made it my goal for 2011 to do so. My original goal was to be a more generous person but that seemed way too unrealistic.

Anyhooo, just the thought of having a break on Sundays makes me so happy I almost forgot about the unwanted touching in the locker room.

One more thing before I bust it. Since we are still on the early stages of potty training I have an endless supply of disgusting body function stories. This Saturday, Xavier told us his poo was coming and he needed to go to the potty.

He took off his pants and diaper and sat on the toilet. A few minutes went by and nothing happened. He got off the potty, went into the kitchen (sans pants), squatted and pooed on the floor. The other day our oldest dog was angry at us and also pooed on the floored.

I don’t know if the two situations are related.


Kerry Lynn said…
no joke one day my daughter pooed in her hand. why was that story not on my blog??? i'm such a slacker!
An Urban Story said…
Kerry Lynn, your kid is so gross! :-)

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