Everyone hates me, so we are moving to NYC

We are moving to New York City from Chicago. Wow. I think Anna has lived in Chicago for almost 20 years and I have lived here for about 15 years.  Anna went to college here, we met here, we got married here, and we had three kids here, bought, fixed-up and sold two houses here. Now, we’re ready to do something else. That is really the only reason.

When we bought our current house three years ago, we thought we’d live here “forever” until a bus ran us over or we died from lightening. None of that happened. One morning, we realized life is too short and it was time to go on another adventure like Peter Pan the boy played by a woman that is confused. 

Anna has actually already moved with the dogs. We are renting the first floor of a house in one of the inner suburbs.

She found a great opening for a position in October but all the interviewing and details were not finalized until December. Then reality set in. We hustled to get the house ready to sell and I went on a job search. The house got a few offers only days after being on the market. I got a job offer a few weeks later.  

Everything happened so fast there has been no time to reflect.

Anna packed her car with bags of clothes and left last Friday. I packed up the house and Anna’s dad is driving whatever we can take to NYC this Friday in a U-Haul. Then, next Friday, I’ll leave with the kids.

I’m not sad at all about leaving. I feel really sad for the Nanny though. She’s been with the kids for four years and most of their “milestones”. She hasn’t found a job yet and her lack of English is not helping.  You can see the sadness on her face when she’s crying about it because when people cry they are sad. Some people cry when they are happy and those people are weird.

Goodbye House

Goodbye Living Room
Goodbye Dining Room
Goodbye Kitchen
Goodbye Family Room
Goodbye Basement

Goodbye Master Bedroom that looks weird in this picture
Goodbye Master Bath
Goodbye Xavier's Room that smells like pee
Goodbye Stella's Room
Goodbye 'Fif's' Room. You were born in the house!
Goodbye Kid's bathroom. You all potty trained here!
Goodbye Room I did Yoga in.


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