Random non-essential life facts

 My sister gave birth to this cute
baby, Eva Marie last week Tuesday or Wednesday.
The is the first cousin for our kids.
Our little 'Fifi' had double eye, lazy eye surgery last week
on the same day Eva was born.
She was back to normal in like a day.
I only had lazy eye surgery on one eye when I was younger because my parents
didn't want to pay for two eyes.
They were so cheap when I was little they made us use a  foot loom to sew
our own clothes....AND that loom was hooked up to a generator that powered
an oxygen machine that was keeping our grandmother alive!! AND,
...we didn't have any yarn so we used our own hair for sewing the clothes!!!!!!



Anonymous said…
I love your writing.......
Alice said…
F is so adorable in her little hospital get up

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