Our Sewer backed up and made a beautiful swimming pool for the kids

After two years of neglecting the pipe that  takes human waste somewhere outside the house, said pipe clogged or something and sewage backed up onto our driveway in the backyard.

It was such a pretty color of brown mixed in with baby wipes. Yes I know we are not suppose to flush baby wipes blah. 

All my Greek neighbors kept calling me being all like "hey do you know your sewer is backing up?" Yes I KNOW I like it that way...go gyro yourself.

I wasn't about to snake it out myself because that would take working and last time I did it wasn't worth the hassle to rent the machine that turns , bring it home, and do everything. It's much better to hire a sweaty man to come over a do it.

I ended up calling rotor router because they come out 7 days a week for no extra charge and it was a Sunday and God knows I wasn't at church. Normally, I would not have used a chain because I hate chain restaurants and chain smoking.  

This Jamaican guy came over from Rotor Router and he did not smell like pot but I still think he was Jamaican. It took him all but one minute to realize the trap he needed to access was covered up somewhere by the guys remodeling the basement. 
 This is not what the Roto Rooter guy looked liked.

He had to take out a saw thing or hammer or whatever and make a hole or whatever to find it .  

All the while I kept coming up with plan B and plan C and plan D options for what to do if we couldn't find the trap. I verbalized to Roto man all my plans.

 After 15 minutes of this he puts down his tools, walks over to me, puts a hand on each of my shoulders, looks me straight in the eye and says with all seriousness and compassion ,
"We will find this trap."  

Low and behold, he finds the trap under one of the walls like it was Jimmy Hoffa's body. He cuts the wall with a sawing tool so he can gain access.

But for god knows what reason there was a cinder block on top of the trap. He took a really big hammer and kept hitting it until it broke. Then we removed like 10 cat toys and wow there was the opening to insert the snake thingy. 

He put in the snake with the metal claw on the end and blendered out all the stuff. Then he gave me a talking to about not putting anything but human waste and toilet paper in the drain. 

Then we smoked a bunch of hash and sang "no woman no man" all the way out the door. You could tell this guy thought I was the best customer he has ever had because that's how I felt about myself.

Stella had a father daughter dance at school.
This things are creepy. They remind me of those crazy Christian groups where the daughter promises her virginity to her dad until she gets married then promises her body to her husband.
I mean like, promise your body to yourself how old are we?!?!?

 We went to Florida last week. Specifically Treasure Island , Florida.
There are more ethnicities on our street then I think there are in all of Treasure Island.

We stopped in the Magic Kingdom of Disney World.
Yeah, Thunder Mountain

 Right before the 50' drop of Thunder Mountain!!

The drop! The girls did not want to go on.
I took this picture off the TV screen when you leave the ride.
I didn't want to buy it.

Where dreams come true and strong female characters are the least popular


Anonymous said…
When I first read the title of this post, I thought to myself, "Those emmer-effer's have someone that does their sewing??" I felt better when I realized you were talking about feces spilling all over your yard.

Can't wait to see you guys on your next visit to Ohio! Ann Arbor is right up the road. (:

An Urban Story said…
Hey Kate!!
Maybe we should skip Ohio and just come to Anne Arbor!!!
Don't forget the sister zen temple is there!

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