The dryer vent war

This is a rant post for no reason. I did not use my editor. I am my editor.

Our neighbors on the right side are complaining about us and I'm going to bitch slap all of them like yesterday's meatloaf. The complaints are like "The kids are playing too loud in the morning and they wake-up our daughter" Their daughter is like 25 years old and needs to move out or move over. burn.

 Or like, "The squirrels are getting into your garbage can you do something about that?". wtf
Or... "Your construction workers are noisy"

The construction workers were noisy at twelve in the afternoon when everyone and their mother was at work except for the complaining house wife. Get a job! Your kids are all adults. What is this the 1950s? No one needs a Shepard's Pie when they come home from a long day at the office.

Anyhow, the man of the house does not like the dryer vent blowing our dryer air onto his property. Prior to our remodel, the dryer vented into the garage. It caused moisture build-up and generally was not a good way to vent.  


The dryer vents four feet from the property line and there is a chimney blocking some of it.

I added some graphics so you can get a betting understanding how the world is against me. Our house is on the right "their" house is on the left.
Here is the first private email I got about the dryer vent that I'm inappropriately making public. I wanted to edit it down but you really need all of it.


“I noticed that you installed a dryer exhaust in the back. The exhaust gases blow into our faces as we open the back door. There is also an odor that permeates the yard and the clothes which we hang out to dry. We cannot leave our window or door open as the smell also comes into the house.  I can only imagine that in the heat of the summer the smell will be too offensive to allow us to sit outside in our own yard. This is why all the building codes for these types of residential units are very stringent and require the unit to be placed 10-15 feet away from lot boundaries and windows, which apparently has not been done in this case. The codes are concern of air quality hazards as well as odor nuisance.  The other night when I came home and it was cold you could clearly see the magnitude  of the issue, because the hot air once vented out in the cold air, the condensed steam looked like a huge cloud of smoke, which originally alerted me as I pulled in that it may be a fire!! The exhaust needs to be re-directed far away and I would appreciate your prompt action.

 Unfortunately, we live too close to one another and we often do not realize how we need to accommodate one another to be able to live amicably. Please understand that everyone deserves to live the way they want to in their own homes but in this neighborhood we need to also respect one another. We cannot make our own lives comfortable at the expense of the neighbors'.

I do not want to allow these issues to disintegrate our budding friendship and amiable living arrangements. I would like to think that we can resolve whatever issues we have with one another with as little conflict as possible. "If I don't tell wouldn't know that this is an issue for me and my family......".

Jesus balls, why the hell did it take a full childbirth labor to write, "Can you move the dryer vent"? 

I emailed him back right way about a week later that I would temporarily redirect the vent away from the house (which I did the next day) and we would see if that solved the problem. In addition, because I am an f-ing awesome human being, I only ran the dryer at night so that it would not bother them until I came up with a better solution. Well, about five days later I get this email. The bold is mine. 


“With the summer approaching, the smelly nuisance from the dryer has to be taken care of, as soon as possible. The temporary fix has not solved the issue .

I came out on Sunday morning to sit outside with my coffee and I couldn't. Inside wasn't much different with the windows open....because the fumes/smell are in the air and travels ( my wife used the term "Hostage in my own house" referring to the smell in the house). After all, the only solution is to vent out above the house (thru the roof.)

I want to repeat what I have said to you before (...and I really mean it, and I expect nothing less from you) "I do not want to allow these issues to disintegrate our budding friendship and amiable living arrangements".

 At this point, I feel disrespected.  I am expecting you to expedite the resolution of this issue, please.”


I had a very short response:

"I was not running the dryer Sunday morning but I will move the vent". 

I don't get into long email debates or online debates. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong, so beat it.

 I was kind of irritated because the husband and wife both smoke. I can't take anyone's health lecture seriously if they smoke. It seems so absurd like tribute bands.

The only reason I agreed to move the vent though, is that I found out the code does in fact say I have to be 10’ from the property line. Since all the lots are 20’ wide that is a pretty stupid code.

Look how great this looks! Don't you wish you had a dryer vent like this?

Anyhow, I extended the vent to go back into the garage. But before I could do that, they put up a six foot tall fence between us.  ...lord.
I do not want to be the neighborhood pariah. It's taking the focus away from my aspirations to be the neighborhood druggy.

But, if someone tries to murder my neighbors I'm not helping. If that makes me a bad person then someone needs to redefine the phrase “bad person”.


Unknown said…
"Smelly Nuisance"... I like that. Sounds like a good name for a band.
An Urban Story said…
Sarah, In my defense our dryer vent air does not smell bad. We are good smelling people.
atomly said…
Hostage in her own house! Hyperbole is fun! Do it long enough and maybe Stockholm Syndrome will set in?
An Urban Story said…
I'm hoping they get some sort of syndrome that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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