Someone is going to get spanked

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Hi whores. Yes, that greeting never gets old and since I'm not trying to make any money off blogging , or as I like to call it my "online lifestyle magazine", I can keep saying rude, inappropriate, childish and racist things because if it's good enough for the president ........

We were awoken from a deep sleep where I was dreaming about kick boxing midgets. It was Sunday about 11:30pm, and the police were banging on the front door. Because I wanted this to look like an episode of Cops, I  opened the door without a shirt on.

There was a man and a women police officer. Both young and attractive.

They said someone called in a 911 abused animal report and they were obligated to respond. They saw the dog, apologized and had to go because they received an actual call about someone being in trouble.

We are being harassed obviously. Not, #metoo harassed but the other kind.

Being a motivated angry person, I filed a freedom of information request for all the records on calls reported to our house. I found out, after visiting the police station, that the call log NYC posts online is incomplete. I assumed the public records online was everything.

This is probably because of a poorly implemented computer system, like how the government can't track a child and parent by assigning them each the same unique number along with a retinal scan or digital hand print because  apparently they can't be bothered to do this.

I'm not saying someone is getting sued but somebody is getting sued later.


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