My life is one boring stream of life events

I really thought I would write more frequent updates on this blog but I've been wasting too much time winning arguments on the internet.

Here are some pictures of what is going on. I want to make sure I don't forget these memories like Ronald Reagan. Greatest president ever....but has Alzheimer's and can't remember anything.

I turned 46 in March. Yes, I look AMAZING. Kids look so, so.

This was my birthday card from the children I fathered. I disagree with its conclusion.

This is my cake. The kids ate two letters before I got to see the cake.

My dad turned 80 years old in March as well, and we had a party. 
No one showed up.

This is my dad's cake. I think it could have looked better.
My mom ordered it and she doesn't have good taste as evidence by her hairstyle.

On my flight back to NYC from my dad's birthday, the author of this book.
I didn't know who he was because I can't read, but he was signing his book at he book store.
I thought it was weird a guy would be taking books off the shelves and signing his name until I saw the picture on the back and realized he was the author.


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