The Christmas Firing

The thing about this blog and my life is venting about all our nannies. I usually request letters from the school from under-served kids requesting holiday gifts.  Our nanny issues or not equal to these issues. But the nanny's kids may be one of these under-served kids so I suppose this all works together.

Anna had a few days off work and it was becoming apparent that the nanny only works two hours a day. She gets the kids, brings them home, folds laundry, never cooks anything and then drives a kid to ballet and goes home.  The other two stay by them self. It is such a waste of money I could be using on myself.

I am going to text fire her this weekend. But, I am going to give her two months. It is not exactly firing. It is more like we are tired of her and she is not worth the money like adopting special needs kids.

I also think doing it a few weeks before Christmas will give her some buffer before enjoying the holiday.  It would be better if she was Atheist but I suppose there is still time and it would relinquish me from having to pray for her. I will not pray for her anyway.

This picture is an example of what our nanny is not like.

Sometimes I watch old Mr. Roger's neighborhood shows and I think that I should try to be more like him.  But, I lowered the bar to be more accommodating to my lifestyle and I will now try to TRY and think about Mr. Rogers more. 

I hope everyone has a happy holidays or not I don't care.