We're all going to DIE!!!!!!! DIE!!!! DIE!!!

Death Death and more death
I don't know what's the point
So go fuck yourself.

I wrote that poem over twenty years ago when I was 16. It is so relatvent today. Old self was so wise. Regardless, right now in the world we are living the COVID19 virus outrage. Our president is incompetent and downplaying how serious this is. That said, most of you will be dead by the time you finish reading this.

Here is a picture of coronavirus

Image result for covid 19

I took that from the internet so I suppose it is accurate. It feels like the world has paused and I wanted to make all you infected people know that I am not here for you. I am buying as much stuff as I can and buying stocks and then waiting it out. I pray to wake up to a world free of complaining old people.

Also, we did get rid of that nanny from my last post but if we waited maybe the corona virus would have killed her but that is mean to say but also still possible. 


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