OMG I am so bored

Since my last update we have been basically at home for 6 weeks due to COVID19. The kids have online school and I am so over it. Do we really need an education? They use google classroom with some video conferences. I never want to home school.

Anna and I actually go into work a few days a week. She is a physician and I'm in IT but the hospital needed extra help with bringing supplies to COVID19 patient floors. I don't like to use the word "hero" but clearly I am a hero. Essentially I risked my life so that you could live. That might sound like an exaggeration because it is but let's give credit to me when it is not deserved.

Our nanny would rather not come in until this is over and piano lessons and the cleaning person are on hold. That save us a great deal of money but man am I bored with all the time inside. I do not know how Anne Frank did it.

The iPhone has this portrait feature I just discovered. I am thinking about only communicating non-verbally via iPhone portrait photos with hi-key light mono filters.


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