Happy Veternarian's day

Let me put on these sweat pants and this sweater and high heels and it will make my overweight self look thinner is what many women in my neighborhood said today.

What in tarnation is going on this days?  One minute the kids were little and now they spend their entire lives on Tik-Tok and ignoring me. They don't know how good of a parent I am. I have never had a drug overdose at home. That get's me an A++++++,  Was there even tik-tok when I posted last? Is god real?

So for my future self, right now COVID19 is still spreading like legs in a porno. The hospital my wife and I work at are seeing numbers go up again. Morons are not wearing masks.  Joe Biden won the presidential election but Trump the man baby is going out kicking and screaming. No one loved this guy when he was a kid. His dad gets an F-------. 

The kids are in online school for most days during the week. I really am not paying much attention to their school this year. Thank god we didn't adopt any children or we would have to return them. Do you pay a restocking fee?  The kids will  probably end up being really stupid by the end of 2020.   Ok, I need to go back to judging my friends on the internet.


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