26 week ultrasound

We had our 26 week ultrasound Friday and everything is going peachy. The boy weighs 2 pounds six ounces and the girl 2 pounds. Since they are so big now the ultrasound couldn’t capture either baby in one photo. Instead, I drew this picture of what is going on in the uterus thingy.

The girl is breach and the boy is sideways with his head down. It’s too soon to tell what position they will be in closer to the due date since they can turn often. Anna’s cervix is still long so the risk of pre-term labor risk is low.

They move a lot and I’m just hoping they’re dancing because there’s nothing like a good dancer…especially a break dancer.



supergrrl7 said…
Dude. I thought this blog was for your FAMILY. There is a PENIS in that picture!!

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