32 Weeks

Here's Anna at 32 weeks!!

Last week (at 31 weeks) we completed our final childbirth class. A big bin of baby dolls was wheeled into the room so we could use them to practice swaddling.

I always get so excited in these classes when we get to pick out a doll. I try to get one with a lot of hair so I can comb it up into a Mohawk. Anna tries to push my baby’s hair back down as if this is our real child and everyone will judge me for being a bad dad. I’ll comb it back up, she combs it down. This goes on for the entire class basically.

Sometimes they have different facial expressions but the babies always come in three colors; light skinned, dark skinned and something in-between...Asian…Mexican…Eskimo?

Right after everyone got out their swaddle blankets the instructor glanced over at this Indian couple and mentioned that they took the bigger dolls and should have taken the smaller ones. She snatched the dolls back, dug into the bin of baby dolls and handed them two dark skinned dolls. The couple originally had a white baby and in-between colored baby.

I laughed silently in my head and a little out my face. I bet that whole “your dolls are too big” was a ruse to get the white baby away from them. You can just totally hear her thinking, “How dare that Indian couple trying to raise one of our white baby dolls!”



supergrrl7 said…
HOw is Anna doing? Update your blog, you lazy bum!

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