Stella and Xavier are certified

Last weekend was very busy, just like people who work in middle management except this was real work.

We had a Catholic baptism on Sunday followed by a party at our house. We didn't have the multi-color light ball and techno music like at our other parties because we've grown up and the light ball broke. But, we did have about 70 people.

Lot's of family came in from Ohio and Anna's Aunt, Uncle and cousin Bart came in from Canada (the country where they play hockey). The baptism went well. Xavier slept through the entire thing and Stella didn't have a tantrum. As is the tradition, both kids were dressed in over the top white outfits which only exist for the amusement of adults. In the end, they got certificates authorizing them to enter heaven. Amen.

Anna's friend from college, Rachel, was Xavier's Godmother and my friend Rod was Xavier's godfather; called The Rodfather. Aunt Duda, Anna's sister, was Stella's godmother and cousin Bart, was the godfather.

Aunt Duda flew in early to help with the setup and watching the kids. We catered in a ton of Greek food and my mom and Anna's mom supplied the Greek and Polish deserts. Yummers! Greek food is the best food. I'm just kidding. No I'm not.’s the best. I read that somewhere.

I thought it would be a good idea to get Anna a birthday cake since her birthday is on Tuesday. So I asked my mom to bring a cake for Anna. But, Anna's mom also brought her a cake. Then, Stella and Xavier each got their own baptism (???) cake. We had four cakes. There should have been just one giant cake with a Catholic birthday clown jumping out of it.

On a side note, I'm a little suspicious that the kids traditionally each get a cake. Anna's family LOVES deserts. When I first met them I thought all Polish people buy cakes for everything. Nope. Just them. Hurray, you graduated from high school, let's get a cake. You lost a baby tooth, let's get a cake. The dog learned to poo outside, let's get a cake. One of them is getting buried with a cake I'm sure.

Entertaining can be so stressful and this event wore me out as well as Anna.

We are so grateful for our close family and freinds and were really touched by all the wonderful gifts everyone brought for the kids. They would thank you personally but they can't talk and they don't have email yet.

Let's look at some pictures!!

Bart the Godfather holding Stella. He lives in Canada and speaks English.

Mrs. Rodfather holding Stella. Anna claims Stella LOVED her dress. Who makes these things? Her legs are not 3 feet long.

Stella getting Baptized. I think she's enjoying it.

Xavier getting Baptized. I find this picture of him sleeping through the Baptism a little creepy looking. Poor guy. All the people messed up his nap time.

I love these group shots at the church. No one is looking in the same direction because like 10 people are taking pictures. Anna's aunt and uncle are on the right back and Anna's grandmother is to the far right. I need to wear heels. Xavier's Godmother Rachel is to the left of the priest and showing some leg.

Another "no one is looking in the same direction" picture. There is someone from the Mafia in the back row wearing sunglasses. The Rodfather is holding Xavier. He is tall. Anna's parents are between in the back row behind the priest. My sister is behind Stella and my mom's arm is all the way to the right. We really need to learn to line-up for a picture in the future.

Mommy and the little man in his suit thingy. So cute. Why do we do this to our kids with these outfits?

Godmother and Stella. My cousin Justin and his wife Angela gave us this cute dress. I'm going to guess Angela picked it out because there isn't a picture of a truck across the front.

Stella's Cake.

Xavier's Cake. I really need to learn more Polish because this cake could very well say "George is an idiot".

Aunt Duda took this shot of me and Xavier. This was after the party and he is so over it.


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