Four Year Anniversary

We celebrated our four year anniversary this past Saturday. It’s been a good year and we deserved a night out.

Auntie Kate came over with the guy she’s currently sleeping with to watch the kids so Anna and I could get some time alone for dinner and a romantic movie, The Dark Knight.

Dinner was at a local place in our neighborhood; nothing fancy but great veggie options, outdoor seating and a stocked bar. Both of us enjoyed the time we got to spend with each other and eating without holding a baby; a luxury like owning a yacht or space travel. Some other people at the restaurant brought their babies and I rolled my eyes at them in a big circle but lost my balance so I had to stop.

After dinner we headed to the theater for The Dark Knight.

Wow. That movie was better than a musical built around ABBA songs. Like a hundred people were killed and Batman totally kicked everyone's ass with Karate moves: Chop! Chop! Chop! I bet if Batman was real, Chicago would be someplace he’d like to live. Not just because of the crime but because the lake is really nice.

After the movie ended we headed home close to midnight. If I had a time machine and went back ten years ago and picked up my ten year younger self and brought me back to the present, the ten year younger self would see present me going home at 12:00am and present me would see younger me just getting ready to go out for the night. Are time machine’s real?

This was our second time leaving the kids with an unpaid professional and all went well. After one beer though, Kate couldn't help herself and had to take a peak at sleeping Xavier and Stella. She's baby crazy and I suspect she might take one home if we let her. But, we couldn't let our kids go home with a boozed up woman gigolo guitarist unless they were really bad that day.

The next morning Xavier got up earlier than usual. He's going through a fussy period and it might be what is called the Wonder Weeks .

I guess every 4 weeks or so a baby can act like a nut case while he/she goes through some developmental changes. Wonder Week? I think someone should have tried a little harder with that name. Is puberty called the Special Years? NO! It’s called the Teenage Years. ??? I don't know what I meant either.

Stella is a lot easier to deal with at the moment. She sleeps without waking up during the night and during the day we can leave her around the house unattended.

Xavier, on the other hand, cries the moment no one is playing with him. Right after he’s picked up he’ll look at you and smile like, “Hey, that wasn’t me being a totally brat”. Is he too young to stick in front of the TV?

* Our actual anniversary is Thursday but the weekends are easier to coordinate

Here's Stella doing tummy time and talking a lot, like usual. I don't know what she's saying but since she's a girl I can only assume she's complaining about something.


Anonymous said…
hmmm, maybe i'm just greedy (or missing them a lot) but i'm starting to think its time for another video of the babies.....what do you think?

thanks, G!
Anonymous said…
Please post more about the guy that Auntie Kate is currently sleeping with. He sounds SEXXY.
Anonymous said…
thanks for that Wonder Weeks link...i'm going to tape it to my wall to follow...and when my baby gets fussy i'll just tell him/her - hey you're on your wonder week, chill out!

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