This would make an ok movie or it won't most likely never

Eventually the kids will start talking because this crying thing when they want something is growing old and it reminds me of rich kids from The Hamptons.

Those same kids that took ballet lessons all their lives until one day they meet an inner city youth who teaches them about street dancing. They go on to win the whole competition and save Miracles and/or get into dance school and the parents finally accept their interracial relationship.

Xavier cries just like this. Lately it’s because he wants mommy and only mommy. If I wasn’t already an awesome person with high self-esteem I might have a complex about this. But I don’t, because I’m awesome as mentioned in the previous sentence.

This all started with the daily routine. Usually we switch our primary kid every other day. For example, if on Monday I get Xavier up in the morning and changed, then Anna gets Stella. We would switch on Tuesday and I would get Stella and Anna would get Xavier. The same goes for baths.

But now, every time I try to get Xavier in the morning he holds out his arms and cries until Anna takes him. The only explanation I can come up with is he’s screwed up.

We usually give in to his demands because Xavier can kick, scream and cry until there are no more gay priests.

On the other hand, Stella is happy no matter what. Really. She laughs at EVERYTHING; even George Lopez. That’s why we call her "good baby with bad taste" and Xavier is called "bad baby". Is that mean? No, it isn’t, because he should treat his parents equally.

If he doesn’t treat me as an equal, I will shed a single tear and give a long winded, melodramatic , nonsensical declaration about no longer having a son while he begs me not to turn my back on him.

If I make this into a movie think The Jazz Singer with breakdancers. What can I say, I like breakdancers. Oh, and I like Kate Bush. She will sing on the soundtrack.


Auntie d said…
xavier is such a mama's boy! he better not do this when i visit this weekend. I bet he'll be calling out for his aunt by the end of the weekend (he better!)!!

see you all soon!


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