Xavier had his hair cut, no ..I mean he had them all cut....and he got his ears lowered

Two weekends ago, Xavier got his first haircut. Stella did not get her first haircut because we are sexist and believe girls should have long hair. Also, her hair didn't grow as long as blondie’s.

We took him to this local Serbian-run haircut place because cuts are $10 and they chain smoke out the back of the store. Should we have taken him to one of those expensive, kid's haircut places instead? No! That is stupid. Serbians come first.

There is only one guy that works at this place and he cut Xavier’s hair. I don't know what his name is because I didn't ask. We were morons taking a lot of pictures while we left our other child sitting in a double stroller in the middle of the hair place.

Oh, well...who doesn't love a kid’s first haircut?!? It's something you never forget like your first space shuttle trip to the moon or getting your super powers when a nuclear reactor malfunctions.

The before picture with thumb in mouth

The chair plus booster seat.

Xavier with too much hair.

Getting ready.

He was so good. By this point we thought he'd stab someone with the scissors.

Right now Xavier is starting to realize his cookie is under the cover in his hand.

Mommy helping him get his cookie.

There's the cookie.

Xavier is now ready to play that cute kid who is brought onto a failing sitcom during the last season to save the show from being cancelled.

He's pointing at himself in the mirror.

A few more clips in the back.

All done and still eating his cookie.

..and here's some of Stella. She's playing a maraca we got in Jamaica. Stella wants to be in an all girl band of maraca players. They will be called "Mascara" and I will manage them until I get fired during the making of their third album.

Babcia bought stella these shoes. She had a little trouble walking in them. She kept falling. That's how I knew.


Kelly Hutcheson said…
Thank God your kids look like Anna! They are beautiful! Xavier looks 5 in the new haircut!

Lily has the same dress as Stella holding the maraca so she's going to join the band Mascara.

Thanks Anna for commenting on my blog. You? Not so much.
Anonymous said…
Xavier looks so handsome with his big-boy haircut! And his hair stylist is HOT!!!!

What cute pictures.
Enjoyed reading your blog tonight.....I love finding new blogs...Had a little time to blog hop tonight while waiting to go to the hospital and welcome a new grandson tomorrow. This month I am posting about our Disney trip, plus a great giveaway.
Kerry Lynn said…
I'm not sure if you read my blog or not but I wanted to invite you to a new blog I'm starting. No real life people allowed so I can speak my mind.
You're on my blogroll so I thought I'd let you know


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