Everyone got older but so far no one got plastic surgery like Michael Jasckson who has since died.

Anna turned 30 years old this week!! Let’s clap for Anna. Don’t clap for the Mama Mia musical; it sucks. When birthdays arrive we are reminded that soon, we’ll be dead.

Stella and Xavier are growing up as well. We had a doctor’s appointment last week and so far they’re on target. They got their shots, cried, stopped crying, went home, ate dinner and fell asleep.

Our pediatrician is fantastic. No matter what we tell her she responds, “That’s great!!”, and gets so excited she pees her pants. “We lost a kid last week.” “That’s great!!! Sometimes you lose one.”

Xavier’s new thing now is wanting someone to read books to him all the time. He’ll go over to the stack of books, pick one out, hand it to you and then just stand their like a panhandler until you read it to him.

He won’t eat unless we’re reading a book to him. I can’t be expected to stand next to him reading while feeding two kids so I mostly pretend to read the book. It’s not very hard.

Children’s books are like old people. They ramble on about some pointless topic and then repeat themselves changing minor details about the story.

Stella will imitate Xavier and get a book as well. But, once you start reading to her she runs away giggling. I guess she’ll be illiterate. Oh well. Her preference is dancing.

Whenever we put on music Stella starts dancing. She does this shoulder rolling thing like some hoochy mama. I blame all that rap music. We let them listen to it because they’ll hear it anyway.

Here are some picture Aunt Duda took a few weeks back during Anna's graduation.

The kids are looking at their hot dad.

Stella gained some weight in her hips.

Stella is pissed! ..at what I don't know.

Xavier takes this bear everywhere.


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