The third baby. The prophecy has been fulfilled.

We just had the 20 week ultra sound on Friday for baby number three. It is a girl!!..or a boy without a penis.

Now Stella and new baby can have that bond only sisters know. I don’t mean menstruating on the same cycle. I mean like, screaming and back stabbing and the silent treatment.

I wonder what it will be like having three ladies in the house; with all those tampons left in the kitchen sink and the bad driving; not to mention the illogical arguments.

Oh, poor Xavier and I. Just two men trying to live our lives only to be caught up in the woman drama. Our manhood stripped away, layer by layer like a deer skinned for food or a satanic ritual. Only then can we understand what it really means to be a man in a women's body.

20 weeks. Can she talk? I can't hear her in the uterus thingy.

17 weeks. Stay strong sister.


Minnie said…
Lol might as well accept it - you and xav are going to be dragged along for shopping trips with the girls - just make those Man days and go go-karting, paintballing, golfing, streaking, street fighting, just you and xav, whatever it is us men are supposed to do =)

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