Now you're two years old!! Get a job.

Stella and Xavier turned two on Saturday. We took all the kids to the zoo to celebrate by watching animals die in captivity.

On Sunday we celebrated Greek and not Greek Easter with the family and had some cake.
I'll put more pictures up soon peeps.

Xavier celebrated again this morning by taking off his pajamas and diaper during the night. He was completely naked in the morning and peed all over his crib. WHY?!?

The cake. It has the kids' names on it.

Xavier licked the frosting all over the cake, then we served it to everyone.

Stella in one of her one hundred party dresses.

Xavier got many trucks for his birthday. He was crying and I couldn't figure out why. He wanted to sit in the back of this dump truck.


Kate said…
How did Stella manage to get 500 times cuter since the last time I saw her??? She looks like Anna in that pigtail picture. Happy Birthday, Stella & Xavier!!!!

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