We were on holiday in Florida

Anna and I just got back from a much needed vacation in Florida without the kids. The kids were left with the grandmothers. We actually went to a wedding celebration for our friends, Mohan and Holiday, on Sunday in Florida so we turned the trip into a vacation.

I felt bad about leaving the kids with the grandmothers because three kids is truly a handful but you know, it’s what God wanted.

We were on the west coast of Florida; whatever that means..."west". How the hell do I know which way is west? It’s not like Miami. Miami has this great Cuban community, no one speaks English and everyone is a complete stuck-up bitch. On the west side there are only white people…old white people. They are all very cute when they’re not peeing themselves or having heart attacks.

The wedding party started Saturday night with the pre-wedding Mendhi party. The groom of this wedding is Indian and the bride Taiwanese but most of the wedding was Indian. We saw some traditional Indian dances performed by the groom’s family that were to die for and then the bride’s friend did this Turkish belly dance thing with streamers. They were all so good I cried figuratively. I think the girl with the streamers boob fell out during part of her piece but I can’t be certain.

If they asked me to perform a dance it would have been a nude piece; a modern nude piece with body paint and a smoke machine. I would start in a fetal position, twitching, shaking. Slowly, very slowly, my body would open up like a flower at dawn. I'm convulsing. I'm sweating. I'm screaming. I'm shouting. I play dead then cry out loud. I'm a Japanese baby. The End.

It’s like I was blessed with so many talents.

The Sunday wedding reception was to die for. It was held outside at some museum courtyard or something and there was a giant statue of David and his huge scrotum overlooking the crowd. The food was fantastic; fabulous Indian food that was to die for and an endless supply of booze.

The music rocked, the people were crazy and Anna and I danced the night away with friends that we hadn’t seen in so many years. Good times for sure.

Basically this video shows what went on the entire vacation.
Thanks for a great weekend, Mohan and Holiday!

Robot Rocking.


Kelly Hutcheson said…
What part of FL?

I live on the west coast of Florida. Yes, I am white, but I am not old. I have never peed on myself and dont have heart attacks on a regular basis.

I think you need to rewrite this post.
~Young and Fun In Florida
An Urban Story said…

It was Sarasota. :-)
Are you sure you never peed yourself.

It was actuallly a great place. The beaches were beautiful!

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