Refrigerators are so awesome like something awesome that i can't remember

We got this new refrigerator last week because our other one was too small like a white man’s penis. It has French doors, a double freezer drawer, a water thing and an ice maker.

Our old fridge did not fit our lifestyle in a first world country. I mean it’s like if you lived in Nepal or Canada or some other third world country you have a lot of dry goods like rice and beans.

But here in our rich country we need space for organic vegetables, tofu, organic almond milk, sugar free ketchup and your mother bitch

I absolutely love the water dispenser. I stick my face right up against the refrigerator and let the water spray into my mouth. Then I lick all the control bottoms. It’s hilarious you had to be there. The Amish do the same thing with cow utters.

The Amish do not have refrigerators and therefore no place to put their food. That’s why their communities are so small (plus all the incest).

I cry everytime I look look at this picture

There is a body in there.



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