People were sick, Stuff happened.

There was a lot of sickness going around our house last week and it wasn’t mental. Everyone had fevers or coughs or whatever, which meant at least one of our random children got up during the night, every night, to complain about not feeling well because they are whiny bitches.

After a few nights of this we gave up and drugged them with Benadryl so we wouldn’t have to deal with their crap. The tip of the iceberg that destroyed the Titanic came when I was given a letter at pre-school that a kid in class tested positive for AIDS, just kidding…strep throat.

To play it safe I took the twins to the pediatrician the next day to get a throat culture.

When I told Stella we were going to the doctor she was so excited fireballs shot out her butt. That kid LOVES going to the doctor. On the other hand her brother hates going to the doctor like a normal person. Stella was very eager to let doctor Asian woman swab her throat, look in her ears and weigh her.

When it was Xavier’s turn I assumed the position of holding his legs between my legs, his arms pressed down with my one hand and his head braced against my chest with my other hand The entire time he screamed like Michael Jackson’s father was beating him

He wouldn’t even get on the scale to be weighed. Doctor Asian woman just looked at Stella and added a pound to his weight and wrote it in the chart, which was the opposite of what I would have done. At this point I’m predicting Stella will grow-up to be the bigger of the two.

Anyhow, fast forward. The cultures came back negative which is a good thing even though the word “positive” means something good. “Your test results came back positive!!”…, “Hmmm, that sucks. Now I’m going to die” See? It doesn’t make any sense. .

We also celebrated my birthday Saturday with a great small dinner get-together thingy that Anna organized which came with a super vegan chocolate cake that Anna made herself and for a surprise gift I got these kids. My actual birthday isn't until tomorrow.


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