Kids keep waking up at night and stuff that is oh so exciting

I really need more blow to summon the energy to write a post. All the kids have been waking up at random hours for one reason or another during the last two weeks. It is crazy.

One night I had had it, and gathered all the kids together in one room, “If any one of you wakes up tonight, I will leave the front door open, so help me God, and some homeless person will come in and take you!”

Stella, for some 3.5 year old reason, has decided she needs to do everything with her mother. She has to get in bed with her at 6:30am, then must take a shower with Anna (with a shower cap on) then blow dry her hair, then put on makeup. Anna pretends to put makeup on Stella because we aren’t some trashy family from the south.

I never have a problem with the kids becoming clingy with me. I make sure to always keep them at an arms length away. Once you cross that line you’ll never get them off you. Sometimes when they’re crying about something I’ll put a glove on the end of a broomstick and wipe their tears or just throw a tissue at them.

Ok, not the best picture. I'm not putting a lot of effort in today.. I get an "F" for ineFective.

First day of Greek school!! The twins now go to Greek school for 3 hours Saturday morning. This is what we do to our children. I was so glad to have a few hours with only one kid. That room does not look that exciting. Polish school/camp is next. These poor kids. Ha, Ha tough.

Stella thinks this is lipstick and puts way too much on.  I'm like, "You are not Italian."  Look in the background and you can see the little man found a Thomas train.

Once it was obvious that Thomas the train is in class too, things went well.


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