Kids think their parents are servants and stupid

Stella has been going f-ing crazy train lately with her relentless attachment to Anna. We’re about ready to put a bow on her head and send her off as the fifth present of Hanukkah.

At first it was cute. She wanted to blow dry her hair in the morning with Anna, maybe put on make-up, perhaps a matching dress and heals. Nothing too bad.

Now, she won’t do anything without Anna. She also throws these huge tantrums when Anna leaves for work.

She doesn’t do this with me. I make sure she stays an arms length away at all times and if she tries to hug me I tell her I’m allergic to children and leprosy.

Her bedtime routine is tediously because she’ll demand Anna put her to bed but won’t let her leave without screaming and crying. I have to go in there and I tell her to lie down, “Momma will be back soon.”

Finally, I’ll convince her to lie down and then I leave. I have no intentions of getting Anna because I am a horrible father like Mommy Dearest is a horrible mother that had drug fueled lesbian affairs. We all know it happens.

Eventually she’ll fall asleep. I have to do this every night. Stella is probably not the brightest light bulb on the Christmas tree since she believes me.

Here’s the kicker. If Anna is at work late and I have to put her to bed she’ll go right to bed.

Last night I found her wondering the hallway at maybe 1:00am like some drunken 1950s father coming home from a night out with the boys.

“Stella, what’s wrong”
“I want Momma”
“Ok, let’s get back in bed.”
“No! Momma”
“You need to go to bed”
“No! I want Momma”

Argh!!! Anna finally had to come to her room and calm her down.
The entire situation is so tiring.

I tried to use a histogram to explain to Stella that the more she acts like this, the more we want to stay away from her. It didn’t work at all so now I’m out of ideas.


Kelly Hutcheson said…
I think Stella is giving u a complex. lol
An Urban Story said…
@Kelly, :-) I'll be her favorite parent when she's a teenager.
Kerry Lynn said…
Jackson definitely prefers me and Madison prefers Chris but nothing to this degree. Wow!
An Urban Story said…
@Kerry Lynn: Obviously there is something wrong with her if she doesn't choose me first because I am so amazing....obviously. Kids!

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