Happy Brithday...you are Four!! Your best years are behind you.

Four years ago today, Anna had Stella and Xavier cut out of her uterus. If was beautiful if you like blood and screaming.

I can’t even believe they are four. Time really goes by quickly when you are older. You get so busy with work, kids, jumping roping, waxes etc…when you finally come up for air BOOM!….years are gone. This would also happen if you traveled at the speed of light.

Anna brought cupcakes to their school for a birthday party and for dinner they wanted Thai food; noodles with broccoli and fried tofu. That’s normal right? Thailand has the most sex change operations in the world of men becoming woman. That’s normal right? When Anna and I were in Thailand there was a show with a woman that could shoot ping-pong balls out her vagina. That’s normal right? I have a big growth on my scrotum. That’s normal right?

This weekend, the grandparents are coming to celebrate, again.
Happy birthday Stella and Xavier!!

We love you two very much, even though neither of you will go to bed on time or stop fighting with one another or keep from getting into mischief that inevitable involves something getting broken.

I think this video is a good example of the weirdos these two are.


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