Let's celebrate the resurection of our saviour and your birthday again and again it's better than Justin Beiber

We celebrated “American” Easter this past weekend…as it’s called in my family since Greek Easter is not until this Sunday. After meeting Anna, I am not allowed to use that term anymore, as she pointed out “We’re Polish not American and we have the same Easter”. Ok, then…well, they sure don’t slaughter a lamb in the backyard and let it bleed to death. Childhood memories, why do you haunt thee?

Here is the table ready to go. I always see people on Facebook posting
picture of their set table. Look, it's a table, and there are plates. 
Hurray, my life is so perfect minus the drinking problem and dead end career.

My family and Anna’s family both came into town to celebrate the resurrection of the Easter bunny as well as to celebrate the twin’s birthday. Stella and Xavier celebrated their birthday three times last week!

First, they had a party at school. Secondly, we went to the Rainforest Café theme restaurant where we had a birthday cake with sparklers. Third and lastly, they had cake and more gifts Easter morning with the grandparents. We told them, “Once Polish Easter is over, your birthday is over.”

This is a "Volcano Cake". It's a bunch of cake pieces stacked on top of each other and costs an arm and a leg. We asked for three sparkles instead of one which explains the large fire.

The Rainforest Cafe is really too much but the kids love fake animals.
Who doesn't? When you have a choice between a real animal in Africa or a fake rubber animal in Chicago, wouldn't you choose the fake one? They're like boobs.

Yum, baby elephant.

Ok, no transition...new topic.

Last week the twins had their final day at “regular” pre-school. Starting this week, they will go to an only Polish speaking school. They go to Greek School on Saturday so this will complete the trinity and solidify that all their cultural backgrounds have been permanently afflicted upon them.

We will not have one-lingual children! Could you imagine if we were Chinese and had to send them to Math School and Not Show Your Emotions School? The New Year’s celebration would be cool though. I love dragons and massage therapists.
While Anna and I were in Vegas a few months back,  my mom watched the kids. During the stay she lost one of her gloves and gave the other one to Xavier. He wore it everywhere until it got lost in the closet. He found it again right before Polish Easter. It's his "magic glove". He refused to flush the toilet after pooing because he had on his "magic glove". I'm convinced the glove can not cure gay people because being gay is not a disease. Yes, I threw that in for no reason.

Michael Jackson had a magic glove and he was normal. 
Ask yourself, what is normal?
It's not you.

They each got a cake because they are separate people. If they were one person we would have to get conjoined twin surgery. That would cost a lot of money.

 We had an Easter egg hunt. It went really well. There were eggs, and the kids found them.

Now that Stella and Xavier are four, they each got a scooter and bike from Anna's parents for their birthday. These kids are more spoiled then a drugged out celebrity offspring; I’m talking about you Bobbi Kristina. I Wanna Dance With Somebody money is gonna run out quick girlfriend.

 The bikes came with gigantic helmets. 
It's what all the kids are wearing these days.

I'm morally opposed to kids wearing helmets on a scooter. 
It takes all the fun out of being injured.


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