Last Day of Polish School...that's the country not as-in "shoe polish"

The kids have their last day of Chicago Polish school today!!!!!
The twin's class is going to Disney on ice. They actually call it "fairytale land" because that is where they think they are going. They spent all of last evening talking about where Tinkerbell live's and what princesses eat..etc. WTF...weirdos.

First thing before leaving for school Xavier told Stella that the school bus might leave them at Fairytale land. Stella cried and cried and told me she didn't want to go anymore. Then she wised up to his games. It took her long enough.


I hear everyday about this horse and how it's new and
none of the kids let them ride on it.
This school looks so fun!!
They actually tell me they don't like it because the teachers
make them do too much work. They do have a lot of work. I can't read it
because it's in Polish but it looks like a lot.


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