Last Day Pictures, First Day Pictures

Things are calming down and little here so I wanted to get some pictures up.

I took this picture leaving Chicago for NYC. It was hard to take because I was driving and the car kept swerving while I tried to get a good picture. The kids thought it was fun. Goodbye corrupt political system and years of never upgrading the train system.

My first day walking to work in Harlem. It was cold because the temperature was very low. I don't remember what the temperature was exactly but if  a baby was left outside it would freeze to death and no one would adopt it.

Everyday, this is what I look at. The landlord cannot rub two matches together to make a fire or remove the Christmas decorations. I bet she's too busy having sex with strange men in cars to do anything about it.

Also, there is a set of reindeers a few feet from the snowmen. One has died from the cold. The duck survived. If they don't get put away soon I'm going to start peeing on them.


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