If I had a dime everytime our babysitter came to work I would have a dime

Our baby sitter/upstairs neighbor is going to cause me to commit my very first murder. I don’t want to get into trouble, so let me say I mean that literally not figuratively. She may get like totally murdered. I mean for real bitches.

So, she (I’ll call her Pam because that’s what she is named) made us confirm that we would keep her on fulltime until the end of July when we move. We agreed and stopped trying to find coverage. After only one week with the kids, Pam claims her old job from years ago wants her back, and in two weeks, she can’t watch the kids anymore.

She’s fine with the kids but her random days calling off work are so irritating. Once she called off work because her grandson was getting an award. Her grandson is four months old. His only achievement is not dying from SIDS.
AND, she called off work for this coming Friday to attend an all-day meeting to go over the details of her new job. She emphatically claimed it was a very important meeting that really is lasting all day. “They are bringing in all the higher ups”, was her defense. …and I fart sunshine! I actually do in fact. I’m that perfect.  

The job is doing crafts at a senior home.  What details are there to go over? 1) Do crafts with the seniors  2) If one dies, cover with glitter and put in hallway.

We posted a job on the Sitter City website to find a replacement babysitter and got this application today.
                                       "im unemployed i have a 4year old daughter. im not in school.
                                        ive never worked before this is my first job. but i have experience
                                         babysitting my nephews and raising my daughter"

Hired! We can't expect perfection.
To make matters worse than “Joey” the” Friends” spin off, my parents went to Greece instead of staying back to watch our kids. What kind of world do we live in people!

How can you two live with yourselves!!!!
Greek people going to Greece for the summer. So cliche.
You should be watching your grandkids.


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