2013 is over and it's 2014 and yeah

Christmas came and went like a coked-up, west-end rent boy and now it is 2014 and a bunch of you still need to lose weight.  I know you’ve been busy but it’s been an entire year and now you have failed your new year’s resolution again. You failed and everyone hates you.  It’s a new year. Chin up. Time to try again even though you’ll probably fail again. Gawd…. your life is pathetic. On to me now…..

We saw the world famous Rockett’s perform at Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular Show or whatever it’s called.   We actually saw the show the first week of December but I couldn't get my act together to post anything.

Yay, we can fall down really slowly
I saw the same show when I was a kid. The Rockettes are a lot younger these days. I’m not a big fan of the show at all. It’s just a bunch of singing and lights and women dressed as British soldiers falling down slowly or marching  around in circles. They should be guarding Kate Middleton’s castle and the baby she birthed  while still being skinny. Lesson to moms everywhere.

We are remodeling the entire first floor of our house (including the kitchen).

Over Christmas vacation, we went to Ohio to see the family that hasn’t died yet and while we were there ,a  crew of sweaty men worked  overtime to get as much work done as possible.

As with the bathroom, our old kitchen was a designer’s horror story. I lived through the 80’s and I never saw a kitchen this bad. These people had a special skill for picking out crap. I won’t say it was as bad as the holocaust because that would be offensive but it was.
Aren't I pretty?

The old kitchen had these dark, wood composite cabinets, which was tied into the rest of the kitchen with a black, Formica counter top and a black Formica back splash.  The kitchen is small. There is only one window. They chose the darkest of all colors.  Essentially, they dressed the kitchen in black face.  Martin Luther King rose from his grave and bitch slapped this kitchen.

This is what it looked like when everything
was taken out

The dining room had this cheap tile because the previous owners tried really hard to make one bad decision after another.  I mean, they installed nice wood floors in the living room then stopped right before the dining room and put in crappy tile. WHY!??!!  This was a family of five (before the husband died). How could none of them have any sense?  People like thiis are ruining the planet for all of us.

This is the dining room. It's a bad picture but
I really don't have any extra time to
make this blog better then it's current awesome self

There is so much suffering in the world…let's stop it with nice kitchens.

Oh and here is an end of the year picture of
the family at a water park resort
in ohio. We paid good money to pet that baby
Bengal tiger thing. It's endangered!
Don't die off little buddy...xoxo




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