Uploading some pictures so I don't forget my life when I get Alzheimer’s

Ok, this is some stuff that happened from May 2013-June 2013

 Don't know what is happening here

 We got a new kitten "Tiger" to replace the cat we lost

 The twins are not fighting in this picture

 My finger and soccer has come to an end for the summer

The kid's graduated from this year of Polish school

 The twins graduated from Greek kindergarten

 More Greek crap....opa

'Fifi' with an over-sized flower graduation from pre-school.
They call it "stepping up ceremony". It's stupid, I missed work for this.

The twins graduated from kindergarten.
We have had too many graduations this year.

The kid on the far left is not ours. He's Italian

 The girls had a dance recital. Stella is a good dancer FYI

 The pre-school dance class was the least talented

My niece had a Christening.  Stella held a book next to the bathtub.


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