World War Doors

When we looked at our place years ago, it had an ugly front door, but we bought the place anyway.
If the door was a baby human we would leave it at bus station.

Since it was a door and not a baby, things got complicated.

Years and years passed as I cried over our front door being so ugly. 
"Oh front door, no one will take you to the prom. I should have had a door abortion". 

As mentioned in the previous post, our neighbors also had an ugly front door. In the previous post I describe their efforts to correct their ugly door. It dd not work, FYI

AND............................... the big reveal (our door is on the left) 

We had a new storm door installed and a new entry door hung. Then I bought fireplace trim and had the door framed to look nicer. It took 3 hours to finish.

You can not use moisturizer on an ugly face and expect it to looks better. You need to get it replaced with plastic surgery. 

The same rule applies for front doors.


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