Hello you dumb people

I've said this a few times but I stopped logging into Facebook.  I got so bored reading about my friends.  Don't even get me started on vague posters. "A very bad thing happened to me". Ok, what was it? You got AIDs? People live a long time with AIDs nowadays.

The kids really wanted a youtube channel.
You can watch them here  thetrionyc.com

They have no idea what real TV is. We don't have satellite or cable. They watch people on youtube do things like "go to the store" or "taste different foods". Um......  

......pretend transitional paragraph if I had the energy....................

I noticed that over the last few years the kids decorated the walls with dirty hand prints. I do not like a cluttered, dirty home. I find it beneath me like a college hook-up and I will judge all of you that live in dirt and clutter. I also don't like people that dress badly, goats, cold oceans, people that skip while walking,  pureed soup, the color green , rose gold jewelry and midgets.

Taking a trip to home depot, I got some wood and had chair rails with picture frame molding nailed on  the staircase walls. Then it looked so good I did it in the living room! Then, it looked so good I did it in the dining room. Then I looked so good I kissed the mirror.

I didn't actually do any of the handy man work. I measured everything then yelled at the workers to work faster.  Sometimes I threw dollar bills at them because that image seemed funny to me.

Anna and my mom and the kids were on a road trip to Niagara Falls and Montreal during this time. Sounded like a nightmare so I stayed to work. Water going over a hill and then a place that tries to be Paris but is actually stupider. No thank you can I have another vacation.

Look at these pictures. My life is so blessed. Now that we have perfect walls, we have a perfect life.

From the chair rail down is semi-gloss paint. I will never see dirty hand prints on these wall again.  The amount of money spent on the wood could have fed a family of four for a month if like eating Spam.

FYI, I always paint handrails black because I don't like oak and I don't like them looking dirty. Yes I have a lot of hang-ups.

The room where no toys are allowed

Welcome, dirt free staircase.


Kerry Lynn said…
Funny as ever. The house looks great!
An Urban Story said…
Hi Kerry Kynn! I didn't even realize you commented..a year ago! Hope all is well, years have really flown by. :-)

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