Ten Things you can do to not make the holidays suck for poor people. Hint: There's nothing you can do

The holidays are so hard on the homeless and porn stars. We should all do each other more.

Whenever I see poors ( poor people ) on my way to work I ALWAYS say "hi" and I tell them that even though they are poor and dress badly and are dirty they are still worth it ! I know that my  little gesture gives them hope of a better life that will never happen.

So many of the poor have names like Old Joe and Betty Lou; or only a number because their parents couldn't afford letters.

Sadly, everyone got their toys on Amazon.
It was faster.

Well, the only thing we can do is think positive thoughts.

Before it is too late. I don't like candles, picture frames , bath soaps  or gourmet tea/coffee as gifts. They are dumb gifts and no one should ever give them.

I prefer 1) cash, 2) being slapped around and 3) being slapped around  with cash.


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