We went to London and Ireland before Brexit and the Queen dying

We went to London and Ireland for a few weeks this summer. I feel bad for people who can't travel overseas because they are poor.

We flew overnight on a Saturday or Friday or maybe Thursday it was Sunday. When we got there it was 7am but 1am in American time. I was so exhausted. We took the train to our AirBnB but it was not ready yet.

We met Anna's cousin who came in from Poland at a park. The kids were playing at the Princess Diana park. The kids did not know who Princess Diana was. I told them she was not really a princess and she is dead.

Finally, over taken by exhaustion I slept on the grass at the park for a few hours. The kids said people kept looking at me.

We checked into the airbnb a little later in Paddington which is not only a bear apparently.  There's no AC anywhere in London just like Poland and France. I could never survive in those countries.

It was so hot that night, that I was in my under garments back at the place without AC. Anna was out with her cousin.  Suddenly, and without warning,  the locked spare bedroom opened and the owner came out!! He was like, "just wanted to say 'hi'. You will never know I'm here". Then he went back to his room.

I was weird-ed out. The listing did not say someone would be there. Anyway, we headed to Ireland the next day so it was fine and no one sexually assaulted or assaulted more generally.

In Ireland we rented a car. I learned to drive on the left side of the road. It was great. I drove over a small child.

Ireland has a lot of castles that were built for the Game of Thrones show.

Ireland has this famous cliff because they don't have any famous people.


This is us under a bridge thing.

The kids started school and Anna started her MBA.
These picture are out of order. I need to talk to my editor. "Hi self, fix this" "No"

This is us in a Taxi back to the airport. They have taxis where people face each other like during sex unless it's backwards sex.

Us somewhere.

After coming back from Ireland, we spent one more night in London in this weird hotel. This is a picture of the lift (British for elevator). 

The hallways had lights or whatever

The bathroom had one sliding door for the toilet and the shower. If you closed the door to the toilet it slides open the part in front of the shower. Dumb.

The pool had these blue lights. It was cool. I should have brought drugs.

London somewhere. I'm not good with places. Could have been Ireland.

There are gays in London, get used to it.  FYI, they are everywhere so get used it.

We are at the top of a frozen yogurt truck. Frozen yogurt is dumb and should just be ice-cream.

This is a bridge

This is a bridge

Someone broke into Anna's car when we were gone. It was in our driveway. They dumped all the contents from her glove compartment and middle compartment onto the seats.

Anna still has CDs. The criminal found nothing of use.


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