34 weeks!

Wow, these weeks until the birth are flying by like something that flies fast. We’ve spent most of our time checking things off an enormous “to-do” list.

I feel like every single home improvement project needs to be completed before the kids arrive. Anna said I’m nesting. I say I’m an interior decorating in the making. My guilty pleasure is to sit down with a Crate and Barrel catalog, a Pottery Barn catalog and an IKEA catalog and mark all the cool things I want in our home. I bought and returned about 20 drapes so far because I didn’t like them. That’s not weird. ..really. I bet your house is ugly, so there.

Anna is doing well considering. She isn’t sleeping through the night due to the big belly that is going to break our bed and all the peeing every two hours. Her legs are getting a little swollen as well so one of my biggest duties is putting on her compression socks. Anna gets the socks ready and I slip them over her toes and pull them up her leg. It’s really hard. One time I almost cried when my fingers got stuck between the sock and her leg. I could have died from the loss of blood circulation.

Thankfully, that didn't happen and I was able to blog about it.



Dot said…
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Dot said…
wow, they should put a warning on those packages........."death by elephant legs possible". absolutely hilarious!

see you soon!

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